School and partners

At Congrex Projects, you will be offered the highest quality of online project management courses directly from the institutions. The institutions share the commitment and excellence in teaching as well as learning. Regardless of your role in IT, you can easily grab a certification course in project management and easily add value to the existing role.

We will provide you with a wide range of courses, including humanities, math, computer science, finance, economics, business, accountancy, and many more. You can choose the courses that best suit your requirement.

We have more than 20 million learners worldwide belonging to different countries. (We have overcome all the geographical barriers with our online courses. Everyone is free to enroll in different online courses and learn at their own pace.

We have partnered with most of the leading global schools, non-profits, corporations, and international organizations to offer you the best courses covering up all the subjects and streams. Congrex Projects have joined hands with different types of organizations (Schools & Academic Institutions) across the globe, including non-profit institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), national governments, and multinational corporations. These institutions have supported varied programs of Congrex Projects such as the MicroMasters program and Online certifications and have taken it to a next level. Besides this, there are many schools and institutions that have provided support to other educational services such as onboarding, internship, training and understanding high-level management, enhancement of technical skills, and many others available at Congrex Project. If you are interested in partnering with our schools and programs, you can reach out to us.

Congrex Projects has different partners that include online resellers, innovators, distributors. They have come together to achieve a common goal of providing every individual with learning skills that are related to project management and help in the digital transformation. This partnership will help in meeting the growing demand of the business world for upskilling.

There are multiple benefits to the partnership.

1) Every individual get access to live instructor-led virtual classrooms & self-paced modules
2) You will be enjoying the outcome-centric training.
3) Individuals interested in working on different projects have access to hands-on projects & cloud-based labs.
4) Along with the project management skills, you will learn the industry required digital skills.

It goes without saying that every industry is looking forward to having professionals with high-profound project management skills. The courses available at Congrex Projects will help you to achieve the most in-demand skills of the professional and business world. The partnered programs will not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also practical skills with perfect internships.

With our project management courses and programs, you could equip everyone with the right knowledge and skills based on a particular discipline. You will get the opportunity to learn some of the most essential concepts and methodologies of project management and also enhance skills that will help you to deliver your best.

The online programs of project management are best for those who find themselves plugged into actual businesses and cannot find a way to complete the specialized degrees. The partners have recognized the importance of online education and how it would be helpful for everyone to get hold of the best courses and learn it at their own pace. It will motivate a large number of students to find specific courses from the top universities and get easy enrollment through our platform. The courses and programs available here are the best and created by experts from top universities.

You can know more about our partners by checking out the names of the institutes given below.